WORKSHOP on Collective quantum operations for information technologies

Quantum Reality and Measurement: An Approach Based on Quantum Set Theory

aula dottorato - VENERDì 12 SETTEMBRE 2008, ore 11.00
  MASANAO OZAWA, Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University, Japan

Masanao Ozawa is full professor at Graduate School of Information Sciences, Nagoya University, formerly professor at Nagoya and then at Tohoku University. He is well known expert of Quantum Information, Quantum Measurements and Quantum Open Systems. His realization theorem for instruments is largely known.

Masanao Ozawa

The recently established universal uncertainty principle revealed that two nowhere commuting observables can be measured simultaneously in some state, whereas they have no joint probability distribution in any state. In order to reconcile this discrepancy, an approach based on quantum logic and quantum set theory is proposed to establish the relation between quantum reality and measurement. We provide state-dependent notions of simultaneous determinateness, value identity, and simultaneous measurability, with which we construct a contextual interpretation that reconciles the discrepancy arising from simultaneous measurability of nowhere commuting observables.